The One Thing – FB LIVE Event

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The once in a year Free Facebook Live Workshop is back again for my birthday, where I give back to the community to say thank you!
I was a very sickly child growing up and almost died when I was ten years old.
This year, I celebrate recovering my health by sharing my insights on how natural medicine helped to restore my health. And how everything guided me to become a Natural Medicine Doctor. 😃
I will also be sharing the number 1 health secret I have discovered in 34 years that has guided me to stay healthy. 🤫
We will be discussing some of the following topics (talk to me about what interest you since this can change!) :
Gut Health 💩
Brain Health 🧠
The Gut-Brain Connection 💫
Children’s Health 🧒
Women’s Health 👩‍🦱
See you Online!
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